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I’m a reverse engineer with a focus on embedded systems and low level firmware. My goal is to use this site to help give examples of what can be done through hardware reverse engineering as well as explain various concepts as I come across them. If you’d like to contact me for consulting or training regarding embedded systems analysis or firmware reverse engineering, please see the contact links on the main page.

Some previous talks and courses that I have given can be seen below, I keep a longer list at: https://voidstarsec.com/pubs

November 2020 - Remoticon 2020: The Hackers Guide to Hardware Debugging

This talk was focused on hardware level debugging from both a theoretical and practical perspective. We start with a deep dive into how ARM’s Serial Wire Debugging works, discussing all of the terms that you will need to know in order to interact with one of these peripherals. After an overview we examine an xbox controller and figure out not only how to interact with it’s debug port but also identify the unknown CPU and eventually reflash the firmware!

July 2020 - Hackaday U: Introduction to Software Reverse Engineering with Ghidra

This was a free course that I put together for the opening round of classes with hackaday-u. This course focuses on low level fundamentals with respect to x86_64 architecture, with exercises that can be run on a modern Linux based operating system (or even a docker container!)

I wrote a blog post describing in detail how the course was structured and put together if you would like a more detailed overview!

Supplementary materials can be found here

A youtube playlist can be found here for those interested!